1-1 Online Coaching is a personal service that offers the highest level of support, accountability and education. Think of it like having your own personal trainer and life coach all in the palm of your hand! Before I take on any clients I will need you to complete the online application form, following on from that we will book a video consultation to get to know each other better and to make sure that I’m the right coach for you. To find out more detail about what 1-1 Coaching and what it includes please keep reading, also check out some of the testimonials from previous clients that I’ve helped. Click ‘Apply Now’ below and I look forward to potentially working with you!

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1-2-1 Coaching (3 Month Minimum Commitment)

£150per month
  • All Peach Club Benefits Included
  • Weekly Email Check In, Read & Responded To By Me Personally
  • Monthly Call Or Face To Face Accountability Session
  • Personal Whatsapp Access To Keep You On Track
  • 100% Personalised Exercise Program
  • App To Track Your Workouts & Monitor Progression
  • 100% Tailored Calories, Lifestyle, Wellness & Nutrition Guidance
  • Full Support & Accountability On A 1-2-1, Specific To You Basis
  • Education To Build Lasting Lifestyle Changes

“the shift in my mindset has been priceless and I couldn’t have done it without Angi!”

See My 1-2-1 Testimonials


Lifestyle, Habit & Behaviour Changes

Over the first initial 12 weeks we will work together closely to firstly create some simple healthy targets that you can achieve each week which work with current lifestyle.

I feel it’s pointless to set unrealistic goals and targets that aren’t going to be a long term life skill/habit (which we all have done at some point in our lives), it’s important to me that you feel like you are making progress and moving towards your future self from day dot.

I will discuss on your initial consultation how we are going to track your progress as this will differ from client to client and where they are in their life. With your nutrition we might track your calorie intake, or we might take more of a mindful approach.


Tailored Program

You have the option to choose a tailored workout program or follow the Peach Club workout program, we will discuss which is best for you on the initial set up call. Some exercise experience with resistance training is favourable but not necessary.

If you have no exercise experience whatsoever  we will book an Online Personal Training session to walk you through some movements so I can assess how you move and we will go from there! You will follow a 6 week program to suit your goal, whether that’s fat-loss, strength, toning up or all 3.

This program will be provided to you via an app with video demonstrations and a place for you to record your progress.


Check Ins & Support

Through your weekly check ins, monthly phone-call and daily whatsapp message service we will discuss things such as your daily food intake, sleep quality, exercise motivation to make sure you are making progress in some way or form.

We will also talk in depth about your mental wellness and emotional fitness, I will ask you to question those self-limiting beliefs and bouts of self-sabotage like behaviour, as I want to help you move you away from rigid dieting, the all or nothing and perfectionist mindset.

This isn’t just about food and exercise, online coaching will help you to build a better relationship with your self and improve your mental wellness.


App Education & Community

Over the first 12 weeks you will receive evidence based education to help you with your health and fitness journey. Not only that you’ll also have access to ongoing education, hints and tips within the Peach Club community.

You’ll receive access to the members only area within my website that includes recipes, useful downloadable tools like habit trackers, meal planners and there’s a video supported education section too. Community is important to me.

I want you to feel supported & listened to within the Peach Club community, the community is provided in a safe private group on Facebook where you can speak with other clients who are on the same journey as yourself!