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3 Years Of Online Coaching, By Gemma B

“I am entering my third year of coaching with Angi and it has not only changed my life it has changed the way I look at myself, which is something in the past I really struggled with”

The following blog is a lovely, honest and heartfelt journey from one of my first Online Clients Gemma B. Gemma has continued to have support through Online Coaching for over 3 years now. In the following blog she talks about her journey of self discovery that broke her free from years of yo-yo dieting, bingeing and using exercise as a form of punishment.

Keep reading to find out more…

I started my journey as a cardio junky who had dabbled in weights. I believed that if I didn’t finish my workout dripping with sweat I hadn’t done enough. I guilt trained, punished myself and beat myself up about anything and everything. Now, although I walk my 2 large dogs daily, bouncing around in a Body Attack or GRIT class is the last thing I want to do. I understand everyone has their own preference with exercise however, I have come to learn that high-intensity style classes just don’t serve me well as a person and they don’t match my aesthetic goals. Going back now to when I’d overtrain & feel constantly fatigued by performing excess cardio I knew my relationship with food was at an all-time low. I had always struggled with a “balance” when it came to food, labelling them as GOOD or BAD. I’d flit from one restrictive diet to another, which would always end up with me bingeing.

In August of 2016, I decided to do something about it – That was the day I became a Peach!


2016- This is where the challenge started. Stop abusing myself with cardio training, develop my confidence with Resistance Training (which I absolutely LOVE now) and accept that I need to change some habits that have influenced my entire life. This consisted of changing my food habits, shaping the relationship I have with food and exercise, then challenging myself to start loving myself for me right now and trust me, this does not happen overnight!

I have had many highs and many lows during my coaching, life gets in the way sometimes.  However, change is never easy but the mental and physical results are truly worth it.

Angi has taught me to accept that I am a foodie, I’m cool with that, I love food! I now know that restricting myself of certain foods or labelling them does not serve me well. I now eat everything in moderation, if I want a chocolate bar I have one guilt-free knowing this is OK. Prior to coaching if I believed I had eaten something “BAD” (food label) it would’ve lead to a binge, then I’d counteract this by using exercise as a form of punishment, I’d of done something daft like running 6miles the next day.


I have learned to accept that “life happens”. Sometimes I can’t train because one of my children might fall poorly, or I have needed time off to recover from some past injuries that have flared up, sometimes things don’t always go how you planned them to be. My food choices could be better sometimes, but I know that these times won’t impact my overall results or wellbeing long-term. I can finally practice focusing on the bigger picture and what I can do in the now, instead of constantly thinking about what I can’t do. Prior to coaching this kind of thing would have played havoc on my mind and set off the exercise/binge cycle once more. I am able to give myself permission to not stick to the plan and be okay with that, I now have the skills to practice acceptance and forgiveness.


Since coaching with Angi, thanks to her, I have also walked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, climbed Pen Y Fan and this year I hope to climb Snowdon. I only wish, at 37years old, I’d have found Angi and peace with myself a little sooner. I feel like I’ve missed out on life! Well Onwards and upwards, they say life begins at 40!

This year – I have experienced the first Christmas where I have truly been at peace with myself, my body and my mind. I can’t tell you how AMAZING that felt. This time of the year I used to dread as, for me, it meant a free for all Binge that would leave me feeling sad & disappointed. I would bully myself into training due to my food consumption and the cycle would start all over again. This year was so different I almost can’t wait for next Christmas. Bully Free, no bingeing, a few days off then normal routine resumed – easy peasy – I have Angi to thank for all of the above and better still I can now pass all this onto my daughters (12 & 15) at this impressionable time in their lives.


I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to thank Angi properly for helping me. In 2016 the physical transformation itself would have been enough, however, through Online Coaching I now know that the mental transformation, in conclusion, is the KEY to my continued progress. I now know that practicing self-care and self-love is imperative to my health and wellbeing.


Thanks Angi,

Gemma.B x

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