6 Week Get Shred

6 Week Get Shred



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sold out

After The Success Of The First Get Shred, Season 2 Is Now Launching!

Want to shred body fat for summer? A holiday? Or maybe you just want to feel better within your own skin? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to shred body fat without having to restrict food groups, detox or drink bullsh*t teas or juices? GOOD! As there will be absolutely none of that over the course of the 6 weeks, I PROMISE.

What Exactly Is Get Shred?

Get Shred is a 6 week, group online coaching fat loss program. You will become part of an online community and everyone in that community will have the same goal as you, which I’m guessing is what brought you here? To shred some body fat.


You will follow a short term calorie deficit, this is what will enable you to shred body fat over the course of the next 6 weeks. There will be no diet plan, you will track calories and learn how to be consistent which is required in this short time period. Diet plans are sh*t, they won’t provide you with the basis for any long term change, the aim is to help you lose fat without having to make changes to your lifestyle that are so drastic you can’t sustain them. Recipes will be available and myself as well as the group will be on hand to help with dietary choices and inspiration.


You will need to have access to a gym and be competent with weight training as there will be a 2 day, full body gym programme available to you via an app. The app will guide you through the exercises with full tutorial videos and has space for you to record your workouts and progress. You will only need to exercise twice per week however you can do more if you wish. You will be fully instructed on this and guidance will be given, there will be an optional bonus Peachy workout should you feel like you want to do more.


You will learn how to diet within your current lifestyle and make important adaptations if necessary, this will be a learning process. You may be encouraged to sleep more, walk more or even rest more. All of these factors play an important part in helping you reach your goals as well as learning to apply these principles in the future.


The benefit of being in a group is added accountability, the Get Shred community will promise to support one another with their quest to shred and daily accountability will be offered. Studies have shown that doing things as a group make you 14% more effective than attempting something on your own. The group is there to help share ideas, recipes, best practice as well as give you a platform to vent, motivate and support one another.


Applying the diet, exercise and lifestyle guidance will help you to shred. You will check in with your results once every 2 weeks, you will weigh, measure and take photos to document your progress. Advice will be given to ensure you achieve the results you seek. I’ll review your fortnightly check ins and offer my professional advice and support to make sure you get the results you want.

Will It Work For Me If I’ve Done It Before?

Absolutely! One of the main things you need in your training to keep progressing is what’s called ‘Hypertrophy’ which is a fancy term for making overall progress whether that’s heavier weights or more reps. Doing the same or similar movements for long periods of time and progressing them is one of the most important parts of training so if you’ve done Get Shred before you can still see great results.