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“I spent many years yoyo dieting, abusing my body through an excessive amount of exercise, and obsessing about my body size…”

“I spent many years yoyo dieting, abusing my body through an excessive amount of exercise, and obsessing about my body size…”

Why Get Peachy?

I’ll be honest here – I came up with this brand name because when I first started resistance training I absolutely loved training my glutes. Training my glutes empowered me, I loved seeing my strength increase and my bum getting ‘peachier’…and that’s how Get Peachy was born! Now I think it’s just stuck and I guess you could say life is as ‘peachy’ as you make it, right?! – Angi xxx

Hey, my name is Angi.

Well, it’s actually Angeliki (with thanks to my Greek heritage); however, that’s not what you came here for, so we’ll leave the pronunciation of that to another day!

I am an Online Personal Trainer – or an Online Coach as I like to call it as I don’t train women; I coach them.

My clients have many peculiar, funny names for me such as “My Health & Fitness PA,” “My Agony Aunt,” “My Life Coach,” and “My pain in the arse” – only kidding on the last one, but I am sure it’s been thrown about from time to time!

I coach women fed up with yoyo dieting, sick of making no progress through exercise, who are typically feeling stuck in a rut with their body image and desperately want to change their physique.

The thing is the principles of health, fitness and fat loss are actually pretty simple yet wildly over complicated through the media which is probably why/how you’ve landed on my page. Therefore the way I approach coaching is through logic and I guess you could call this a no bullsh*t approach.

However, where there is logic we have to make room for self-compassion as both work hand in hand, especially when working towards an aesthetic goal. Fat loss is pretty black and white when it comes to the science, but both you and I know that our emotions can sometimes suggest otherwise. This is why I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to work towards not only habit changes but behavioural changes too, learning how to cope with your emotions is a huge part of what I teach, think less numbing more feeling.

I absolutely adore my job, and I feel very, very lucky to wake up every day to do the job I enjoy so much! Online coaching gives me the freedom to coach more clients than I could Personal Training in a gym. That’s why I took my business Online, as being a Personal Trainer is great, but there’s only so many hours in a day. Coaching women online allows me to connect with clients daily instead of just that one session a week in the gym. I speak to most of my one-to-one clients every day, and I love being able to offer the level of service they so badly need!

It’s probably important but also not that important to know that I, just like many women, have struggled with my weight, body image, and relationship with food. I spent many years yoyo dieting, abusing my body through an excessive amount of exercise, and obsessing about my body size. My sense of self-worth and body were so deeply connected that my mental health, social life, and personal life suffered due to that.

Thankfully, I’m so far away from that way of life now.

I’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

And that’s why I am here; I guess you could say it was my “calling” as such, I want to help MORE women who feel stuck in the same way that I did.

If you are still reading this, I want you to know that how your body looks is the least important thing about thing about you, even though it feels like it is, no one feels the same way about your body as you do.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer in the industry now since 2012, before that I trained as a Beauty Therapist and studied a 2 Year Foundation Degree in Fitness & Healthy Lifestyles.

My exercise background is in Gymnastics and Dance, I competed in both but stopped when I hit early teens. In late teens and early 20’s I actually worked as a professional dancer for Ministry of Sound and Hedkandi in various Nightclubs in the UK, Greece and Egypt.

I am currently 31, I live in Worcestershire with my partner who is also my Web Developer and Digital Marketer (see his website here: www.firstonmedia.com)

I love anything that gets me outside, I was made for hotter weather but I will more than settle for hiking boots and a bobble hat these days!

I enjoy having so much freedom now with my life, I go out to eat or get take out without worrying about what food I am eating or whether I might bloat. I can’t tell you how freeing that is – if you know those feelings too well, I feel you!

I love music, watching absolute sh*te on TV that helps me to switch off, I love doing up furniture, fashion….this is all starting to sound a bit like a Tinder profile or a CV now, if you want to know more about me….come work with me?

It’s about time you to stopped struggling and Get Peachy!