Day 2 – Push Up Strength Block A

A – Prep It Before You Press It!

  1. Wrist prep x 1:30mins


  • Floor Slides x 10
  • Banded S.Circles x 10
  • Banded Pull Aparts x 10
    x 2 Rounds

B – Eccentrics Part 1

Complete 3 Rounds of the following:

20secs on/10secs rest-transition time (one exercise after the other with 10 seconds rest between each for 2 rounds) ;

Sky Divers
Hollow Tuck Hold
RKC Plank

Then move onto part 2…

C – Eccentrics Part 2

You’re going to do a combination of the following 2 videos. Use a thick book as your ‘plate’, place this inline with your chest on the floor.

??EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) 7mins:

3 x 4 Sec Negative Press Ups to Plate

EMOM: Set a timer to beep every 1min for 7mins. After you have completed your 3 reps you must rest until the next ‘beep’ minute.

Technique Tips:
If you performed at least 3 strict press ups in your testing (not with a band around elbows) start on your toes, if you’re not there yet start with knees down for every single round. Send a video of at least 1-3 reps so i can check your form.

As you lower over 4 secs think about lightly drawing your shoulder blades together and towards your spine, imagine you are pulling or “rowing” your body down to the surface. Do not just drop down.

In the bottom position, your elbows should be positioned over your wrists, and forearms in a vertical position. Do not allow your elbows to flare out. In the bottom position, your body and arms should resemble an “arrow,” not a “T”.

Once your chest hits the book and chin hits the floor return to the top and re-set. Treat every rep as a fresh new press-up, quality is essential in every rep.

You must try to keep your hips and ribs connected, if you are feeling this in your lower back that’s a sign you aren’t doing so. Re-watch the press up tutorial over and over again ?

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