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So far hundreds of women that have undergone the 6 week plan have had really successful transformations. Get Shred works best as a group effort, you’ll join a group of like minded women online that are on the same journey as you. It’s really inspiring to see the Get Shred members support one another throughout their journey, you will not feel alone or stuck over the next 6 weeks I assure you of that!

Angi x

Get Shred

  • 6 Week Fat Loss Program
  • Online Group Coaching
  • Access To The Get Shred Community
  • Structured Approach To Nutrition (Calorie Deficit)
  • 6 Week Workout Plan & App To Track
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education & Resources
  • Fortnightly Check Ins (During Get Shred)

“She has, quite literally, changed my life and the way I think about food (and my relationship with it) forever. Thank you, Angi.”

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What Is Get Shred?

A 6 Week Group Online Transformation Program for females (only) who want to lose fat, tone up, improve strength and fitness in just 6 weeks!

“I’m way more toned (my stomach has never looked like this). I feel stronger and fitter, my clothes fit better and I’ve really started to love myself (apparently friends have said I’m glowing!!) I’ve learnt a lot from this process, the most important being that scale weight doesn’t mean you’re not achieving – thank you Angi! You rock!” – Caroline Season 5


How Does It Work?

  • A 6 Week Guide to kick start your transformation
  • Calorie formula for your desired goal
  • 4 x structured home/gym workouts* provided via an app
  • Daily group accountability
  • Weekly group check-ins to ensure you are making progress
  • Ongoing Female Health and Fat Loss Education to ensure you not only transform your body but your mind too (no more yo-yo dieting, no more fads!!).
  • Recipes and meal ideas to help you eat to fuel your body
  • Group community support – a safe place for all females to communicate, ask questions and support one another throughout!

*The workouts DO NOT involve any high impact training and are absolutely ok for beginners.


Is Get Shred 1-2-1?

Get Shred is group coaching, which means you will be coached in a group of 10-20 women. All clients have the ability to ask individual questions and ask for support, this is done via the Facebook community and not on a personal 1:1 level.

A lot of clients that complete the 6 week Get Shred go onto 1:1 coaching as they feel they need that extra level of personal support, so if you’re not sure if you need 1:1 coaching or not this is a great place to start.


What Do I Need?

You might find it useful to have a printer to print off the Get Shred guide but it’s not necessary. If you decide to do the workouts from home you will need a pair of Dumbbells that you can press above your head and squat with, a long resistance band that you can press above your head and a mini glute-band.

Please feel free to email me with a picture of your home workout equipment to check you have what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

For people that only want to do Get Shred for the 6 week period, you can pay a one off fee of £100 to take part in Get Shred. You can now also join Peach Club Premium for £40 per month (which means Get Shred will cost £80 in total as you will make 2 monthly payments). As well as taking part in Get Shred you will also become part of the amazing Peach Club community and get access to the Peach Club members area. When Get Shred finishes you’ll automatically be assigned the Peach Club workouts on your app so that you can continue your progress and stay as part of the community. Of course you can cancel your monthly payments at the end of Get Shred if you want.

You are committed to paying monthly until Get Shred finishes, this will be a maximum of 2 payments (£80 in total). At the end you will have the option of continuing with your membership and enjoying all of the benefits of Peach Club Premium. You’ll stay as part of the community and will be assigned the Peach Club workout program on your app so you can carry on your momentum! 

If not, you can cancel your membership at the end of Get Shred 🙂

If you are just paying for Get Shred your payment will come out immediately. If you opt to join Peach Club Premium, your first £40 payment will come out on the day with your monthly payments then being on the same date of the following month.