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1 = F*ck it Bucket Week 5 = Nailed It Baby!
1 = I'm pulling my hair out! 4 = Nothing out of the ordinary! 5 = I'm as cool as a cucumber!
If yes please state what you are working towards & where you think you are with your progress. For example: weight loss/fitness event/strength/consistency with a specific habit like exercise, reducing binges, reducing alcohol consumption etc:
Have You Completed The Accountability Tracker? *
Have You Completed All Of Your Required Exercise Sessions? *
Be Honest!
If weight loss/aesthetics isn't your goal please feel free to skip this question
Did you increase weights? Set a new PB? Need a new training programme? Injury etc ...
Self care is doing something that serves you. This could be a workout, it could be opting for a lie in, it could be saying no to a social event because it doesn't align with your core values.
Use this question to reflect on any wins, big or small for the week that you are proud of :)
Did you lose in a way that can be learned from? Did you learn a lesson about yourself?
What are you working on this week to improve your progress? i.e. - I am going to increase my protein/ I am going to make sure I do my workouts with no excuses.
What action are you going to take this week to ensure your loss doesn't happen again this week?
If you have something coming up that may affect your progress, or, if you are going through a challenging time right now please let me know so I can help you manage your progress as best as possible.
This is your chance to get anything off your chest if you haven't mentioned it above!
Feedback is optional, it's absolutely okay if you feel like you don't need a response this week. I can always drop you a message in the week to touch base if you prefer.