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Online Group Personal Training, Join The Next Group Starting June 12th. Workouts Are Tuesday & Thursday at 6:15pm & Sundays At 8:00am

£250 £200

What Is It?

Online Group Personal Training in the comfort of your own home! For 6 weeks we will meet 3 x for 45mins and perform a Resistance Training Workout via Zoom. If you miss a workout or simply can't make it for whatever reason you will be sent the recording so you can complete the workout in your own time. This is a group personal training session, NOT a bootcamp/HIIT style session, I will be coaching ONLY 8-10 people at a time. Having a small group will allow me to not only get to know you over the 6 weeks but will also allow me personalise the workouts to your ability, equipment, and personal preferences.

Group Personal Training

For 6 weeks, you will get 3 group PT sessions per week! Tailored to you, your equipment and ability, delivered online.

Fully Programmed Workouts

To enable you to progress week on week, all trackable through the Get Peachy App which you will have access to.

Support From Me

You'll have my support as your coach throughout the 6 weeks and full access to the recipes, educational content and community within the Get Peachy App.

When Are The Workouts?

If you are Female and struggling to be consistent with exercise, you can't get to a gym for whatever reason (young children/work/location/cost), and are serious about making a commitment to your health, fitness, and well-being, then this is for you!

Peach Club Post Partum

I have recently become a Mother to a young baby and I totally get why it isn't possible to get to the gym, but I don't want that to hold you back, I want to help you show up to look after yourself because YOU deserve to put yourself first. Whether you have been an exerciser for years and are currently struggling to be consistent, or you are completely new to exercise, your exercise history does not matter to me, what matters to me is that by the end of the 6 weeks, you will be in a routine of exercising and are able to continue to exercise consistently onwards from there either following my programs on the app or of your own accord.

You Must Be

This Is NOT For You If ;

I work with clients that need and want a more realistic humane approach to exercise. The workouts I provide will be challenging but they won't have you jumping around or doing burpees, I haven't worked with a single client who has benefitted from that method of exercising. The majority of females that I work with need to build strength and tone, to do this you really don't have to exhaust yourself or sweat out of your eyeballs. My workouts will leave you feeling energized, strong, and capable for the long haul. Although these types of exercises will definitely provide physique results, they are not the be all and end all. My goal is to get you to really enjoy resistance training and feel, and see, its benefits too. After 6 weeks, I hope that you will become addicted and want to continue training for life!

What You Will Need (If Possible)

Optional Equipment

After signing up I can send you website links to all of the above if you need me to. I do recommend however before buying anything ask family, friends & colleagues to see if anyone has any equipment they aren't using as a lot of people have things lying around the home they're not using. I can very easily adapt an exercise for varying equipment and as you'll be following a program you'll be doing the same exercises most weeks so you will have time to figure out what weights you need and whether you need to purchase heavier. I really don't want this to be an extra expense you can't afford though so if you just have the bare minimum I can work with that and I will still be able to help you make progress regardless of the weights you do/don't have.

Common Questions

It's not possible for the sessions to suit everyone's diary so of course there may be one or more sessions that you can't attend throughout the 6 weeks, but that shouldn't be an excuse not to sign! You will have access to the recorded workouts within the Get Peachy app to do in your own time. I can offer you personalised options based on the equipment you have. If you are going to be away on holiday let me know, I can adapt the exercises to suit very minimal equipment (or none) for that week.

I totally understand this and if that is your preference then that is fine. Just be aware that part of the Personal Training service is for me to be able to make sure you are performing exercises safely and correctly, so I would encourage you to have your camera on. 

You'll get access to the Get Peachy App so you can track your workouts & program, catch up on recordings of the workouts if you miss any, access hundreds of recipes as well as a community group for everyone in the group.

Absolutely! You'll be able to ask my any questions you have and I can support you throughout the 6 weeks

Of course! The first thing you will do before we start is complete a personalised intake form, this way I can make sure that I can offer exercise variations based on your fitness level and equipment.

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