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What Is Peach Club?

Peach Club has already helped 100’s of women not only transform their bodies, but their minds and lifestyles. There are a number of membership levels available to suit everyone, whether you really need the support and accountability of 1:1 coaching or you just want to be part of an awesome community and benefit from proper programming designed to help you progress.

“If you’re thinking of joining Peach Club, just do it, it’ll be the best investment you can make for yourself.”

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Peach Club is an ongoing 6 week workout program for females only. If you are looking to tone up, build strength and improve your fitness then Peach Club is for you! You will have a program & workout guidance from Angi with the flexibility to workout at your own pace, in your own time. Regardless of whether you’re training at home or in the gym you can be sure to make and see physical progress.

Also, as a Peach Club member you will always get the chance to give your feedback to help influence the theme of the next 6 week program. Peach Club is all about creating a supportive community and within the community your goals & voice matter!

Angi x

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Peach Club Standard

£30per month
  • Progressive 6 Week Gym Workout Designed By Me
  • Access To The App To Track Your Workouts
  • Part Of The Supportive Peach Club Facebook Community
  • Full Members Area Access
  • Calorie Calculator& 100’s Of Recipes
  • Educational Tools, Resources & Videos
  • Cancel Anytime


What Is Peach Club?

An online ongoing 6 week Gym/Home workout program designed for women who are fed up of doing random workouts and seeing no progress!

Provided via an App that is easy to access and follow.

Each 6 week program is designed with the current members goals & wants in mind.

“I’m 11.7lbs down!! – Such an easy lifestyle change and never have I had results like this! And I used to pay £32 a week for a PT!” – Lauren


An Amazing Community

Join the supportive Facebook Community with over 50+ incredible women all following the same program supporting one another throughout their own journey!

“Peach club is more than a club. You’ve created a community. Just look at me meeting Laura yesterday. I’ve only met her once at the 10k. We had the courage to meet up, respect each others pace, chat the whole way through and then talk for another hour afterwards over coffee. I would never have done this years ago!” – Su B


All The Tools You Need

Access to ongoing educational health, fitness and lifestyle support. Hundreds of calorie friendly recipes, useful habit and meal planner to support your health & wellness.

Option to book a call for further support with your goal.

All via the members area!


What Do I Need?

If you are training in a gym then you don’t need anything although it would be useful to have both a long resistance band and a mini band! If you want to do Peach Club from home then you’ll need ;

  • 1x Pair of DBs (that you can press above your head & squat with)
  • Long Resistance Band
  • Mini Band (Glute Band)
  • Optional: Pull Up Bar/ TRX or Suspension Trainer/ Swiss Ball/ Sliders

Frequently Asked Questions

Peach club is for any woman out there fed up of not seeing results from their current exercise regime or program. Some resistance training experience is preferred however beginners are totally welcome to see whether the workouts feel at the right level for you! All Peach Club members are involved in the thought process when the program is changed every 6 weeks, so your feedback important to me and the rest of the Peach Club community! If you want to increase & improve lean muscle tone, build strength and improve your fitness – Peach Club is for you!

Premium gives you all of the features of Standard but means that you can also take part in Get Shred. Get Shred is a 6 week fat loss course that runs 4 times per year, you can take part in all of them if you want. It’s a group challenge that has helped hundreds of women lose weight and inches, being part of a community all working towards a shared goal with a time frame helps motivate you and really increase your progress.

You will also get access to all future courses that will be released. These aren’t finished yet but will cover different educational topics, learning specific skills such as handstands, workouts and much more!

It’s a great way for you to see whether Peach Club is for you or not! There are no restrictions and you get full access to everything. When you join, you’ll pop your card details in but no payment will be taken. If you enjoy Peach Club you don’t need to do anything, just leave it and you will be billed £30 per month from the date that your trial ends. If you don’t want to carry on, all you need to do is log in to your account, head into your membership options and click cancel, easy!

You can opt to do a bit of both, or the gym only, or home workouts only, it is totally up to you! All the workouts on the app are split into two, you’ll have a gym version and a home version to choose from. You will be training the same muscle groups and working on the same end goal regardless of where you train!

If you are training at home there are only a couple of things you will need.

  • 1 x Pair of Dumbbells (that you can press above your head and squat with)
  • Long Resistance Band
  • Mini Resistance Band
  • Optional : Pull Up Bar / TRX or Suspension Trainer / Swiss Ball / Sliders

No, the workouts are a structured program. You will receive all workouts via the Truecoach app with the prescribed reps, sets, rest times and technique videos for you to check your form. This is where you will record your data and which will enable you to see and track your progress from week 1 to week 6. Doing exercise this way will really help to teach you how to make progress with your strength and fitness.

If you have been training a good few years and feel confident with resistance training this program could work for you. I would urge you to seek a Physio appointment with a Mummy MOT practitioner for a women’s health check-up first to ensure you know how to engage your pelvic floor and are able to incorporate the correct breathing techniques throughout. Please let me know before you join Peach Club if you are pregnant, email me angi@get-peachy.com. If however, you aren’t a confident exerciser I would encourage you to follow a prenatal training program designed for pregnancy. This is something I am working on see keep your eyes peeled!

Every 6 weeks you will start a new program block known as a “Phase”. So, for example, you might join Peach Club Phase 4 on Week 3 which is absolutely fine, anybody can join at any point in the program and still make progress of some sort! On week 5 of the program, you will be asked for feedback and you’ll have an opportunity to suggest what you’d like to work towards or have included in the next 6-week program, the Peach Club program is member-focused!

If you need more support than a workout program, perhaps you need advice about your nutrition? Or you feel like you need something more tailored to your goals, you can enquire to updated to 1:1 Online Coaching at any time, to do this you could drop a message on the workout app, enquire via email, or head to the services page on this website and apply for coaching.

You will be billed £30 on the day that you join, this date will then be your future billing day for further payments. Payments are securely handled by our payment gateway Stripe, your information is safely secured and no one (including Get Peachy) has access to any of your payment information.

No, you can cancel whenever you feel the time is right for you.