Peach Club Testimonials

These are just a handful of testimonials from my Peach Club members.

I’d love to have you on board at Peach Club, for less than the cost of a meal out once a month you’ll get full access to the Peach Club community, the members area on my website, workout programs through my app and more!

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I have noticed a much stronger core it’s amazing! Everything just feels looser and stronger. Better flexibility. I have loved what you programmed! I fitted in an old size 10 Topshop playsuit yesterday! It’s so tiny, never thought I’d fit it! Thank you!

““I’m proud that my focus is strength now not “skinny” id say I’ve battled with this and guilt around food for 24 years….24 years of trying to be skinny!! And then I found you. I’m so thankful as my head is in a much better place but also I can educate my children now too.”

This is 5 weeks of doing Peach Club. Lost 4 inches in total. I could definitely be better at tracking calories and more consistent with steps BUT I am so happy with my progress!! Also just wanted to say this is a really fab, supportive group of ladies, Peach Club is ace!!

I’m 11.7lbs down!! – Such an easy lifestyle change and never have I had results like this! And I used to pay £32 a week for a PT!

“I’ve been a Peach Club member since October 2019 and I love it. The supportive community around you, the recipe ideas and recommendations, and all the help and support that Angi gives you. Angi is amazing, she’s given me focus and a sense of purpose in my workouts. Previously I would go to the gym and just wing it (then be surprised that it wasn’t having an impact!), but Angi changed all that. I have a clear programme, online with clear instructions and coaching tips, and I can see and feel the difference in my body. It’s refreshing to know that you don’t have to beast yourself (my old mantra was that if I didn’t crawl out of the gym, it was a wasted session – completely stupid!) and you don’t have to train all the time. As a mum of 2 boys (with their own activities), plus working full time and studying this wasn’t an option. Angi gets you focussed, works with you and empowers you to make the changes. I couldn’t recommend her enough. If you’re thinking of joining Peach Club, just do it, it’ll be the best investment you can make for yourself.”

I have known Angi since 2017. She was my coach in a Bootcamp/gym setting. She introduced me to weightlifting ?️‍♀️ which I absolutely love. As a physiotherapist myself I love to exercise and know that a correct technique is crucial. Angi always makes sure the technique of exercises is the priority.
Last year was very tough year for me and I was very close to burning out. I was stressed, emotionally flat and a bit confused about my future. ( going deep I know).
I joined GetPeachy in October 2019. It’s perfect for me. I love Angi’s exercise programs, nutritional advice and emotional support. All is for a very reasonable price.
I can not believe how much I have learned about myself over last few months. I finally find a routine ( I love routines) which fits into my lifestyle. I don’t have to fit my life around exercises/classes I do it other way round.
I soon will be moving to Czechia ?? and it’s so nice to know that I can take GetPeachy with me. I always think what once Angi said: “ Just do you and I will help if you need me.”

I started working with Angi in March 2018. I’d been training in the gym consistently for around 3 years however I mostly focused on cardio. I was getting married in December 2018 and I decided I needed some support to make my vision a reality. I also found I needed some guidance to add structure to my gym workouts. I worked with Angi as a 1:1 client and I have to say her support guidance, motivation and the confidence she gave me was incredible. I was apprehensive not having a physical ‘trainer’ working with me on my sessions but in fact by sending videos and our weekly catch ups meant that I had the full support I needed. It also meant if I wanted to get a bit sweatier (as that’s what I was used to) Angi would just tweak the workout for the following week. Being accountable for your training and nutrition is 100% the best way to keep on track, and I loved that Angi wanted 100% honesty with no judgement so she could support – if I had a night of Prosecco and pizza on the agenda it didn’t matter, we just worked together to plan the week to allow for it!!

I am now a member of Peach club… after a year of 1:1 and I have to say it’s amazing. I love walking into a gym (or right now my kitchen) and being told what to do! I love how much I’ve progressed, I love the amazing community at my fingertips whenever I need them but mostly I love Angi’s real, dynamic and inspirational style of leadership. She goes beyond just providing exercises, she offers suggestions on how we can support our mental and physical health. She’s real upfront and honest and two years on, I am getting as much as I did in week one of this journey.

“I wanted to let you know, that you are the first fitness programme I have stuck with for more than a month. I’ve never enjoyed exercise, and have always avoided it like the plague. But honestly, though I moan about it, I love your programme and your 6 week blocks. They get me through my week, give me endorphins like you can’t imagine, and help my anxiety tenfold. So thank you for doing everything you do! It’s very appreciated” – Caroline

I just wanted to say thank you!

I’m currently the same weight that I was when I started Get Shred with you back in February 2020 (It’s now June 2021) but I feel frikken incredible about myself! I’ve increased my calories to 1400 and met my step goal for 124 days in a row now! I’ve lost count of how many weeks I’ve done my workouts. I feel so strong and I’m enjoying it so much.