The Peach Club Workbook is here!

The Peach Club workbook is a fantastic, 32 page booklet to help you track your progress, set and review goals and keep yourself on track. The booklet contains ;

  • 12 weeks of space to set 3 weekly habits you want to achieve and track daily as well as your weight and training days

  • A section for end of week reflections, learnings and plans for the coming week

  • Sections to write ‘Your Story’ to take stock of where you are currently

  • Full ‘Goal Setting’ sections as well as ‘Personal Bests’

  • ‘Review & Reflect’ sections at the end of every 3 weeks

The Peach Club Workbook is the perfect companion to help you achieve your goals and make progress. You don’t need to be a Peach Club member to be able to benefit from this workbook, anyone that wants to self reflect, achieve their goals and track their progress can benefit from using the Peach Club Workbook