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£200 In Full or
2 Split Payments Of £125

Welcome To Project Me, It's Time You Made Yourself A Priority

The biggest thing I am proud of myself before (and this has been a long time coming!) is ditching the scales. I have no idea what I currently weigh - and for the first time I don't actually care! I feel good in myself, I am eating to fuel my body and feel as though I have so much more freedom with food without the guilt that that used to bring me. I don't feel the need to track everything anymore, I know what I need to eat to feel good and know that I can always revert back to tracking if/when I feel I need to.
Thank you so much Angi - I knew this would be good for me but I had no idea of how good it would be and that it would be something that I would be able to carry on with after, I really thought I would be desperate for it to be over which I am not at all! You have made me so much healthier and happier and I have lessons for life!
Get Peachy

Hi! I'm Angi

I’m an Online Coach for Women with 10+ years experience in the industry. I decided to create Project Me because I felt like there was something missing for the women out there who want a realistic approach to looking after their health, fitness & wellbeing. 

Project Me is something I have been working on for YEARS, it first started out as something called “Get Shred” which was a 6 week transformation program, however what I kept finding was that those who completed the 6 weeks got so much more out of the program than just a physical transformation. Their education around nutrition was better, they improved their relationship with food and they learnt how to exercise sensibly to achieve the results they wanted without burning themselves into the ground.

With these results in mind I decided to put my heart and soul into Project Me and create it into something even more fitting for the clients who benefit from my slightly more holistic approach (and no that doesn’t mean I am some kind of hippy).

I’m so proud of what I have created and I would be honoured to walk you through the next 8 weeks with me.

Why Project Me?

Project Me is an 8 Week Group Online Coaching Program for Women who are sick and tired of putting everyone else before their own health, fitness and mental wellbeing. 

Women who are ready to put “ME” at the top of their priority list and want to feel like they can maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to rely on quick fixes, crash diets, or 100 day sit up challenges that, let’s face it, aren’t realistic or sustainable.

I will show you that you can stick to a healthy diet and still attend social events without falling off the wagon (ps, there is no wagon!). You’ll learn how to make eating to support your goals easy, practical and family friendly. 

I will also prove to you that you don’t need to be exercising 7 days a week to change the shape and tone of your body. So many women fall into this trap and that’s why you end up doing nothing! I will provide you with 3 programmed resistance based workouts per week that you can do either in the Gym or at Home, I’ll also show you that something just as simple as going out for a walk is way more effective than beasting yourself on the treadmill for 30mins.

Project Me will not only change the way you approach your health in 8 weeks, it will also change the way you approach your health for the rest of your life.

Workout Programme

An 8 week resistance based program provided via an app for the Home/Gym.

Nutritional Support

You’ll receive a simple and easy guide to that will help you to make eating to support your goals practical, this can be done using the Balanced Food Approach or by Tracking Calories.

Like Minded Community

This is the bread and butter of Project Me, the great thing about Group Coaching is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded women with similar goals to you who will relate to you and want to support and encourage you along the way.

Regular Check Ins

During the 8 weeks, you'll receive a bi-weekly 1:1 check-in with your trusted Coach who will guide and educate you on the way to achieving your goals.


You’ll have somewhere you can finally hold yourself accountable and do the things that you said you would do!

Learn To Love You

Project Me is centred around a holistic approach to health and fitness, you’ll learn over the 8 weeks that going 100 miles an hour won’t get you anywhere fast. You’ll change the way you approach your health & fitness with a much kinder, supportive mindset.

£200 In Full or
2 Split Payments Of £125

How Does Project Me Work?

Not sure how the group program works exactly? Read numbers 1-4 and the FAQ’s. If you’re still unsure if Project Me is for you, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on

Secure Your Space And Get Ready To Start

Firstly secure your space by signing up via the payment link, following that you will emailed an Intake Form and directions on what to expect next.

Get Your Workouts & Nutrition Guidelines

On the Friday before we start you will be emailed out the Project Me Guides and assigned the workouts on the app to get you started. Also, I will be going live within the Facebook Group on the Saturday before you start to get you set up and answer any questions you might have.

Learn From The Online Education Portal, Show Up & Put In The Work

You’ll be provided with access to the membership area within my website which holds an ongoing education course for you to read/listen at your own leisure. You’ll also find a Resources area in which you can find a few helpful guides and tips to help support your Project Me journey.

Check In With Your Coach, Interact With The Community & Improve YOU!

Over the 8 weeks you’ll be guided and supported by your Coach and the Facebook community. The community will be the place for you to turn to to celebrate your WINS, ask for help and support others.

See What Previous Intake Clients Have To Say

I like that it is REAL. None of this stuff you see on social media that if you 'do 10 squats once you’ll have a peachy butt in a week' etc, you know the ones right? Accountability has been really important too, although i did not post as much as other members, I read everything and it helped keep me on track too. I really enjoyed the programme, the amount of material before and during is great to access and the platform is really handy. I have signed up to Peach Club as id like to continue this journey
Charlotte O
I’m way more toned (my stomach has never looked like this). I feel stronger and fitter, my clothes fit better and I’ve really started to love myself (apparently friends have said I'm glowing!!) I've learnt a lot from this process, the most important being that scale weight doesn't mean you're not achieving - thank you Angi! You rock
Comfortably back in some of pre pregnancy clothes!! Haven’t tried all but defo my trousers that I love, I now don’t have to open the button after I’ve eaten!!!!
Charlotte S
My resting heart rate has dropped by 4 BPM. I was so shocked at how fantastic these results are!! I have never lost anywhere near this amount of weight or cm's while "dieting". I can't thank you enough and this group for all your help and support. I shall definitely be taking these skills I've learnt with me to continue my journey!
I think that the things that I have taken away from this the most are: To be kinder to myself, I'm not a robot and my body and my mind need different things throughout the month. What is a healthy weight for me and how to safely maintain or lose weight. The importance of small things like being active every day and trying to get in those 10000 steps! Thank you so so much Angi for all of the guidance and support. And thank you to this whole group for just being totally awesome!

Project Me Details

Here are some common questions and important bits of information about Project Me.

How Long Is Project Me?

Project Me is 8 weeks long in total. During that time we will cover a number of different areas of health and wellness including ;

  • Daily Food Intake
  • Exercise Regime
  • Supporting Your Mental Wellbeing

How Much Is Project Me And How Can I Pay?

There are 2 options when paying for Project Me. You can pay £200 in full which includes a 20% discount to secure your space, or you can split the payments any pay two lots of £125. One payment when you sign up and the second just after we start on the 1st May.

Is Project Me Suitable For Me?

Project Me is suitable for all women in any phase of their life. If however you have recently had a baby, please make sure you are at least 3 months Post Natal and have been signed off by your GP. If you do have any concerns please email on

Do I Need To Go To The Gym?

Absolutely not! Whilst if you are able to go to the gym that's great, you can complete this program whilst working out from home. You'll have a choice when you sign up of either a ;

  • A Gym Option
  • An At Home Option

Do I Have To Calorie Count Or Follow A Diet Plan?

The guide provided in Project Me will help you to decide which route is best for you. There is no diet plan because most people that follow a diet plan for a period of time, don't actually learn the tools to eat in a way that supports their goals once they stop following the plan. In terms of tracking calories, you have the option of either tracking calories or if you prefer you can follow a balanced food approach, which is all covered in the guide.

So What Are You Waiting For? Secure Your Space Now!

Project Me Is Currently Underway

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