Get Peachy Overnight Oats

Macros: 301Kcal C 41g, F 11g, P 9g (Macros may vary depending on yoghurt & toppings)
Serves 1

Prep: 5Min
Refrigeration Time: Overnight


30-40g Oats
75ml Unsweetened Almond Milk (any milk substitute is ok, your preference)*
50g Honey Greek Yoghurt **
10g Chia Seeds ***
10g Raisins
25g Blueberries
50g Raspberries


  1. In a Mason Jar or Tupperware pot put Oats, Milk, Yoghurt and the optional Chia Seeds & Raisins – Mix to combine 

  2. Now add your toppings and pop in the fridge ready for tomorrow - HOW EASY WAS THAT?!

    *Almond Milk reduces the calories from traditional cow’s milk but you can use whatever milk you prefer.
    **You can use any yoghurt of your preference, I personally like using Greek as it makes it much creamier and thick and the honey flavour makes the actual Oat mixture nice and sweet without any extras

    ***Chia seeds make the mixture thicker – You don’t have to add these, they do not MAKE the dish

    Amount of milk/yoghurt can be altered to suit you. I like mine quite creamy and thick so the above amounts work perfecto !

    Add ANY toppings of your choice. Nuts, other fruits – Maybe even pop a scoop of chocolate spread/peanut butter in the middle with banana (YUM)

Overnight Oats.jpg
Angi Pilika