3 Whey Protein Oats (Egg White Oats) #3WHEYOATS

Macros: (NOT inc fruity toppings photographed) 310kcals, C 28g, F 6g, P33g

Serves 1

Prep Time: 5-10mins



40g Oats

5g Chia Seeds (optional)

2 Egg Whites

25g Whey Protein Powder

A few splashes of water

Toppings of choice


  1. Place dry oats, chai seeds, egg whites and a few splashes of water in a saucepan (I like my oats very thick so I only add around 50-100mls water)

  2. Warm on a low-medium heat on the hob and stir continuously until cooked. You want to prevent the egg whites from scrambling so do keep stirring. If the mixture becomes too stodgy/dry add more water until you achieve the consistency of porridge you love.

  3. Serve with Whey Paste OR once cooked through take saucepan off the heat and add your protein powder to your porridge.

    How to make whey paste (the “paste” on the left hand side of the photo)

  4. Whey paste: Put your scoop of whey protein powder in a bowl/mug add a few splashes of water, mix with a teaspoon. You only need a very small amount of water to make the paste adding too much will make it runny. It should be gloopy and paste like.

  5. Serve protein egg white porridge/egg white porridge and whey paste in a bowl.

  6. Add your favourite porridge toppings! Enjoy!

Extra info:

  • The egg whites add more protein to your meal & offer a thicker texture filling you up for longer!

  • Chia seeds also help increase the volume of your oats, do watch out though these are high in calorie and very easily over poured! So only use prescribed measurements.

  • Whey paste is something I personally enjoy because I like condiments, strangely this feels like a sauce/condiment for porridge. If you are not a fan, add the protein powder to your oats once cooked.

  • This could be eaten for breakfast, lunch, pudding, a small meal/snack!

  • I also use a calorie free vanilla syrup which is from Bulk Powders to drizzle on top.

Angi Pilika