High Protein Gluten Free Pancakes

Macros: (Includes toppings) 380kcals C 21g, F 7g, P 48g

Serves 1

Prep: 2mins

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Cooking time: 3-5mins


20g Coconut Flour (Plain Flour works perfectly well it’s just not Gluten Free)

40g Whey Protein Powder (my favourite flavour is Salted Caramel/Chocolate)

2 Egg Whites

A few splashes of water



100g Frozen Berries

50g 0% Fat Free Greek Yoghurt

Cinnamon (optional)


  1. Combine egg whites, flour and protein powder in a bowl/jug.

  2. Add in a few splashes of water & mix with a fork/hand held blender.

  3. To start off with the consistency will be very thick, keep adding splashes of water until you have found desired consistency.

    The best consistency I have found is very similar to the consistency of greek yoghurt.

  4. Using Fry-light fry the mixture in one big pan, or divide mixture up and fry in a small pan for multiple pancakes. Wait till they bubble slightly and flip using a spatula. If serving multiple pancakes ensure you spray the pan each time.

  5. Serve with frozen berries (I heat mine in the microwave for 2 mins), a dollop of greek yoghurt & cinnamon to sprinkle over the top.

Extra info:

  • These can be stored in the fridge/freezer and reheated just fine.

  • These are quite DRY in texture, they are not as moist due to not using milk and egg yolks. Using a topping will help to moisten the meal!

  • Other topping options that clients have used: Tinned Peaches, Kiwi, Banana, Nutella, Sautéed Apples with Cinnamon and Raisins.

Angi Pilika