Purple Protein Smoothie Bowl (New!)

Macros Per Serving (Serves 1)

Kcal : 489, P : 47g, C : 34g, F : 18.5g, Fibre : 12g

(Macros include the toppings listed and so can differ depending on the toppings you use, as well as the brand of protein used)


  • 1 Handful Frozen Cherries

  • 1 Handful Frozen Blueberries

  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

  • 200ml Almond Milk

  • 100ml Water

  • 200g Greek Yoghurt

  • Fresh Berries

  • 1 Tsp Tahini

  • 1 Tsp Almond Butter


  1. Blend the frozen cherries, blueberries, protein powder, almond milk and water in a blender until smooth. Change the amount of water used to get desired consistency.

  2. Add the yoghurt to a bowl, I like to stir through a few spoonfuls of the smoothie just because it looks swirly and cool! then add the rest of the smooth to the bowl with the yoghurt.

  3. Top with a drizzle of the Tahini, Almond butter and blueberries, or you can use your own toppings.

Protein Smoothie Bowl.jpg
Angi Pilika