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    Once you purchase your space, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a link to complete your intake form. Please make sure you do this it will only take 10 minutes.

    Get Shred is a 6 week group online transformation program for females (only) who want to lose fat, tone up, improve strength and fitness in just 6 weeks! So far hundreds of women that have undergone the 6 week plan have had really successful transformations. Get Shred works best as a group effort, you’ll join a group of like minded women online that are on the same journey as you. It’s really inspiring to see the Get Shred members support one another throughout their journey, you will not feel alone or stuck over the next 6 weeks I assure you of that! How Does It Work?
    • A 6 Week Guide to kick start your transformation
    • Calorie formula for your desired goal
    • 3 x structured home/gym workouts* provided via an app
    • Daily group accountability
    • Weekly group check-ins to ensure you are making progress
    • Ongoing Female Health and Fat Loss Education to ensure you not only transform your body but your mind too (no more yo-yo dieting, no more fads!!).
    • Recipes and meal ideas to help you eat to fuel your body
    • Group community support – a safe place for all females to communicate, ask questions and support one another throughout!

    *The workouts DO NOT involve any high impact training and are absolutely ok for beginners.

    What Do I Need?

    You might find it useful to have a printer to print off the Get Shred guide but it’s not necessary. If you decide to do the workouts from home you will need a pair of Dumbbells that you can press above your head and squat with, a long resistance band that you can press above your head and a mini glute-band.

    Please feel free to email me with a picture of your home workout equipment to check you have what you need!

    Still Not Sure? If you still aren't sure about signing up for Get Shred, why not click here to take a look at some of the previous Get Shred transformations. Or you can drop me an email with any questions on, I can't wait to have you on board. What If I'm A Peach Club Member Already? You can now take part in Get Shred as part of your Peach Club Membership (premium and above) :). You can either carry on with the Peach Club workouts or move over to the Get Shred programme it's entirely up to you! If you want to take part and are on a premium membership or above, or you want to upgrade your membership to take part just email us on  
  • The Peach Club Workbook is here!

    The Peach Club workbook is a fantastic, 32 page booklet to help you track your progress, set and review goals and keep yourself on track. The booklet contains ;

    • 12 weeks of space to set 3 weekly habits you want to achieve and track daily as well as your weight and training days

    • A section for end of week reflections, learnings and plans for the coming week

    • Sections to write ‘Your Story’ to take stock of where you are currently

    • Full ‘Goal Setting’ sections as well as ‘Personal Bests’

    • ‘Review & Reflect’ sections at the end of every 3 weeks

    The Peach Club Workbook is the perfect companion to help you achieve your goals and make progress. You don’t need to be a Peach Club member to be able to benefit from this workbook, anyone that wants to self reflect, achieve their goals and track their progress can benefit from using the Peach Club Workbook

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