Black & Blue Crumble

Macros based on 10 servings: (per serving):(Serves 8-10)

Kcals 201

Carbs 37.5g

Fat 3.7g

Protein 2.3g


Cardamom crumble

75g plain flour

50g oats

1tsp cardamom

35g caster sugar

35g light brown sugar

75g light unsalted butter

Berry filling

375g Blueberries

375g blackberries

125g caster sugar

half lemon juiced

4tbsp cornflour


1. Heat oven to 180

2. Mix all crumble ingredients together until mixture resemble breadcrumbs

3. Toss all filling ingredients together and pour into a pie dish

4. Sprinkle with crumble topping

5. Cook at 180 for approx. 50mins until crumble is golden and bubbling

6. Allow to cool before serving

Angi Pilika