Get Peachy Haribo (Fake) Sweeties

Macros (Per Sweet): 8Kcal C 0.4g, F 0.1g, P 1.5g (Macros may vary depending on yoghurt used)

Based on 30 Sweets

Prep: 5Min

Refrigeration Time: 30min


2 Sachets of Sugar Free Jelly

2 Sachets of Gelatine

150ml Yoghurt (Any yoghurt – Plain/Fruity/Quark/Fage)

Boiling Water

Mould (Ideally Silicone – they come out easier) Go wild with

some different shapes[Symbol]


1. Mix 1 Jelly & 1 Gelatine with 140ml boiling water

(Stir well from the start)

2. Pour the above into the moulds but only HALF FILL

each mould – Pop in the fridge for 15min

3. Mix 1 Jelly & 1 Gelatine with 140ml boiling water

(MIX) now add the yoghurt (Looks a bit gross and

may separate) just Get Ya Mix on

4. Now top up your silicone moulds with this jelly

mixture – Pop back in the fridge until set, the longer

the better

You could add some frozen fruit or change up the jelly favour to suit your tastes.

Angi Pilika