Macro Friendly Mince Pies

MACROS Per Serving (Makes 12): 160Kcal, C26.2g, F4.7g, P2.6g

5 Min Prep

90 Min Cook


For The Fruit Mince:

250g Apple Cored & sliced into aprox 2/3cm thin slices

175g Mixed Fruit (I used the Tesco Pre-Soaking Mixed


1/4tsp Cinnamon

1/8tsp Nutmeg

1/8tsp Ginger

1/2tsp Vanilla Extract

250ml Pure Apple Juice (Not from Concentrate)


200g Wholemeal Flour

1/4tsp Sweetener

60g Butter (Unsalted)

80g Milk (Almond or Normal)


1 Cut the Apple into Small slices/Chunks, Leave skin on

2 Put the Apple in a saucepan with the mixed fruit, All seasoning & apple juice. Mix & Cover. Place

on the hob low heat, leave for about an hour until gooey. Stir after 30min add water if needed


3 Meanwhile put all pastry ingredients in a blender & whizz. Now Knead the dough

4 Preheat oven to 175 Fan

5 Roll pastry out – thin

6 Spray a muffin tin with low kcal cooking spray & cut pastry into 12 with a round cutter (make sure

it’s the right size for your muffin tray, mine was a teeny bit small LOL) Leave enough for 10 stars

for the tops

7 Place all round cut outs in the muffin tin add a tsp of mix to each then top with a star

8 Bake for around 20-25min or until golden

Eat warm or cold. On its own or with custard or Greek yoghurt ................ DROOOOL

Angi Pilika