I’ve learnt to love me unconditionally. I’ve learnt to love how I look and feel now. I’d still like to lose a few more pounds but honestly if I didn’t I would still be happy



I’ve always had a love for exercise and a few years ago fell in love with training with weights. However, my weight would fluctuate and I didn’t feel I was progressing as I was inconsistent with training and eating. After following Angi for a few years on her instagram and seeing her transformations I thought why not give it a go? Best decision ever! I now have a training plan I can follow at my own speed and the face there isn’t a ‘diet' plan’ is perfect. Angi teaches you how to make wise food choices rather than telling you what you have to eat. I finally feel as if I’ve found what I always needed, a great coach with great support.

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Another fabulous sunny day in Worcester, all that gym time is finally paying off! Starting to learn the deadlift, very exciting, never done it before! About 20lbs down since the start of coaching and I am even losing those bat wings and finding some biceps in there, so bring on those sleeveless dressed today! I couldn't have done it without my coach Angi.



I have been using Angi as a coach since August 2016. Training has always been a passion of mine but I desperately needed help with my relationship  with food because the habits I'd developed certainly weren't serving me in any way shape or form. I was a binge eater, eating 'clean' as I liked to call it Monday through to Thursday and then pigged out on everything I had deprived myself of all week, with no filter! Angi is a fantastic coach, knowledgable and constantly supportive, always at the end of the phone no matter what. I can honestly say that without the continued help and support of Angi I would still be that person today, Thankfully I'm not!



After slowly putting on weight over a period of time, I was beginning to realise that my dress sizes just kept going up. I hate looking at myself in the mirror or in photos, I cried and comfort ate. Seeing myself in photos with my friends was the wake up call I needed as I saw how big I'd become and knew how much it was upsetting me. I'd never thought about what I was eating, obviously never controlled my portions and never exercised. I met Angi through bootcamp, where she first introduced my to exercise and developing a healthier outlook on food, not just healthier in terms of nutrition but my relationship with food too. I have been taking group PT sessions with Angi, doing strength based exercises and focussing more on calorie and macro nutrient tracking. I honestly can not thank her enough, not only because of the weight I have lost (30 lbs so far and 14.5 inches), but because she has helped this to become a lifestyle changed not a fad diet that I can fall off of. For showing us that we don't have to feel guilty eating the kinds of foods that I want to eat, and that I can still enjoy a social life. For being totally honest with us and making us accountable for our actions, showing us that we are the driving force. I've become more confident, in and out of the gym, because of Angi's support, guidance and motivation. I literally feel like a different woman. Thank you Angi, you don't know how much difference you've made. 


Having an eating disorder controlled my life for many years, all of those years I've never felt so lonely. After having twins my body completely changed and all that I knew was to go back to my eating disorder. By having online coaching I've achieved weight loss as well as losing inches, I'm training much less and eating more, I've even spoken out about my relationship with food which is by far one of the scariest things I've ever done. However, my greatest achievement is finally overcoming my fear of food. Throughout the process of having Angi as my coachI have learnt a great deal about myself, I'm now living a much healthier and fulfilling lifestyle and I've definitely changed the way that I look at my body. Overall having a coach has helped my develop my relationship with myself and better relationships with those who love me and that means so much more than what money can buy!



What a journey!! I have learnt that what you put in you get back = consistency is the key. Also I have learnt so much about my eating habits, food is not an issue for me any more and I just don’t think about it as much as I used to. I am stronger and happier. Thank you so much for introducing me to this way of life and weight lifting 🏋️‍♀️ xxx



Thank you so much for your amazing Get Peachy Coaching - you are such a passionate, knowledgable and caring coach it is infectious. I cannot tell how glad I am that I made the decision to join you this year - without doubt best thing I ever did.



2017 saw me training really hard but i couldn't shift the final 10lbs that I wanted to lose. Frustration was setting in and i was starting to feel despondent. So with a holiday of lifetime 12 weeks away i knew i needed a refocus. Angi used to be my personal trainer and I decided to get back in touch for her help. I knew my training was going ok so I needed to focus on nutrition. We met for a coffee and looked at what I wanted to achieve & with a bit of coaxing stretching my goal. We decided to refocus on my training so I went to bootcamp, which was brilliant but then went on to do strength training at the gym on my own🏋️‍♀️.
So, online training I will admit I wasn't sure about as I'd always done face to face training but I had complete faith, that Angi would be giving this over 100% commitment. So I am sat here 12 weeks later having a coffee and cake (Yes cake) reflecting & feeling very proud that I have lost 1 stone a week before my holiday & have achieved the weight that Angi set me. But it's not about the weight, that's just a number & the 🍑group is all about your own personal journey & how to recognise your habits & how you can change these.
So yes, I eat cake, I drink alcohol, I don't deprive myself but what I have learnt over this 12 weeks is how to fit these into my day to day life & moderate them. It’s not always easy but we have the 🍑 facebook group who are a fantastic & support each other. 
Angi is fantastic. She's on the journey with you and at the end of the phone when you need her. If you've not trained before then she'll find something that suits you. We have regular Facebook updates "peachy prods" with really informative info. The most hilarious bit of online coaching is videoing yourself while you're training so that Angi can check that you're doing things right. I've learnt to not cringe at these but use them to look at to check my posture. So a massive thank you to Angi and the Peachy 🍑 Facebook girls for encouragement and support. I'm now ready for my holiday and will be back with the group in March.

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By far one of the best coaches I have come across! Angi really cares not only about your physical health but also mental health and is nothing but inspiring. I could write an essay about how awesome it is having coaching with Angi, my strength has come on ten fold over the past few months and I’m so lucky to have someone like Angi pushing me forward. 10/10!

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I was always one to try all the fad diets and quick fixes that never really worked for me. I started by walking and then slowly getting into weights with Angi, I really enjoyed it and noticed such a huge difference! I learnt to love myself and my body & that small amounts of what I liked to eat stopped me from binging. Angi is always there for help and guidance, without her I would not be in this happy place today! I’m still on a journey & looking forward to more results. Trust the process.


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Angi is an amazing, inspiring, supportive and very knowledgeable coach.  When I joined Angi's group of Peaches, I was the heaviest I'd been in years - unmotivated, lost and confused by my diet choices, and (if I'm honest) refusing to accept that it was my diet that was the problem. I had been clean eating for years, but it just wasn't working for me any more. Angi was brilliant - non judgemental, understanding and patient - and really opened my eyes to calorie counting and being accountable for my choices.  

Over the course of my time with Angi I lost a stone and a half, and more importantly, I've kept it off. I'm back to a weight I am happy with, and I now have a mindset and a toolkit that means I can enjoy a holiday binge, a night out with the girls, or a takeaway without panicking or beating myself up for it. 

I have learned so much from Angi - consistency, patience, self love and respect, and balance. She is an amazing listener, a great counsellor, and full of motivational wisdom to keep you on track. Friendly, professional, dependable and knowledgeable.  She has, quite literally, changed my life and the way I think about food (and my relationship with it) forever.  Thank you, Angi.