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Too Busy For Self-Isolation?

I know it seems like right now the only thing we can do, the only thing we have control over is what we do day to day, but maybe just maybe…we need to plan nothing at all?

In society today, we love being busy because being busy suggests that we are successful, popular, in-demand and important. However, what others don’t see is that being busy is hard work; it takes mental and physical effort; it’s often very lonely and extremely stressful. So why on earth do we drive ourselves into chaos, why are we so obsessed with being busy?

My theory is this because when we don’t busy ourselves, we don’t know what to do, and when we don’t know what to do, we feel we have no purpose. Therefore our ‘purpose’ is only valued/valuable when we are ‘doing.’ How sad is that? If you’re not doing anything important, if you’re not busy, if you’re not ticking off your checklist…you don’t add anything to this world; your value is 0.

No, it’s not true.

We need to start understanding that what WE DO, isn’t WHO WE ARE.

So I invite you to start, ‘being.’ Not ‘busying,’ BEING.

When did you last wake up and think, “today I’m just going to be present,” “today I’m going to go with the flow, see how I feel.” Probably on holiday, right? Or maybe one day you felt sick?

I invite you to be, to stop planning, to stop busying yourself and to be. Why? Because we have been spoilt.

We have been given too many options, if you’re not watching the latest Netflix series you must be seen to be ‘having fun with the kids on Tik Tok’, Hinching the bathroom for the 3rd time this week, or going full Marie Kondo with your knicker drawer. All of this is great, it gets stuff done, it fills our time, it’s shows we are productive and being productive is busy and busy is good…


I urge you to spend an afternoon with yourself, having not planned anything, not needing to do anything and see how you feel. What comes up? Do you feel a sense of ‘self’? Has your anxiety reduced? Do you feel better than busy? Now when I say do nothing I don’t mean you have to sit and literally, do nothing. Just do what comes up, what do you feel like doing? Maybe just sit and close your eyes for a while and check in with yourself….what do you want? What do you need? Be inquisitive…if it’s escaping your mind with a book, great, if it’s some gardening, awesome.

What I am not saying is ‘Do nothing you’ll feel better”, no, what I am saying is, “Plan nothing and lower the expectation of yourself….listen inwards”.

I hope this was helpful, and remember we have more time than ever right now, being busy doesn’t have to fill this entire time.

With Love, Coach Angi x

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