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“If you’re thinking of joining Peach Club, just do it, it’ll be the best investment you can make for yourself.”

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Peach Club is an ongoing 6 week workout program for females only. If you are looking to tone up, build strength and improve your fitness then Peach Club is for you! You will have a program & workout guidance from Angi with the flexibility to workout at your own pace, in your own time. Regardless of whether you’re training at home or in the gym you can be sure to make and see physical progress.

Also, as a Peach Club member you will always get the chance to give your feedback to help influence the theme of the next 6 week program. Peach Club is all about creating a supportive community and within the community your goals & voice matter!

Angi x

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Peach Club

£30per month
  • Progressive Gym or Home Workouts In 6 Week Blocks
  • Access To The App To Track Your Workouts
  • Part Of The Supportive Peach Club Facebook Community
  • Full Members Area Access
  • Calorie Calculator& 100’s Of Recipes
  • Educational Tools, Resources & Videos
  • Cancel Anytime


What Is Peach Club?

An online ongoing 6 week Gym/Home workout program designed for females who are fed up of doing random workouts and seeing no progress!

Provided via an App that is easy to access and follow.

Each 6 week program is designed with the current members goals & wants in mind.

“I’m 11.7lbs down!! – Such an easy lifestyle change and never have I had results like this! And I used to pay £32 a week for a PT!” – Lauren


An Amazing Community

Join the supportive Facebook Community with over 50+ incredible women all following the same program supporting one another throughout their own journey!

“Peach club is more than a club. You’ve created a community. Just look at me meeting Laura yesterday. I’ve only met her once at the 10k. We had the courage to meet up, respect each others pace, chat the whole way through and then talk for another hour afterwards over coffee. I would never have done this years ago!” – Su B


All The Tools You Need

Access to ongoing educational health, fitness and lifestyle support. Hundreds of calorie friendly recipes, useful habit and meal planner to support your health & wellness.

Option to book a call for further support with your goal.

All via the members area!


What Do I Need?

If you are training in a gym then you don’t need anything although it would be useful to have both a long resistance band and a mini band! If you want to do Peach Club from home then you’ll need ;

  • 1x Pair of DBs (that you can press above your head & squat with)
  • Long Resistance Band
  • Mini Band (Glute Band)
  • Optional: Pull Up Bar/ TRX or Suspension Trainer/ Swiss Ball/ Sliders

Frequently Asked Questions