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Welcome To Peach Club Post Partum!

Safe and effective workout programs for every stage of motherhood!

Peach Club Post Partum

Now your little one is here, you want to get back to exercise! Let me help you to do it safely and effectively.

Peach club is designed to help normal, busy women lead healthy, active and enjoyable lifestyles regardless of their situation or starting point.

You'll be joining a community that has already helped hundreds of women to change their lives, all supporting each other to achieve their goals. Whether you work out at the gym or at home, want to do follow along classes or structured workouts, whether you are pre natal or post partum, there is something in Peach Club for you!

Through the Peach Club App you will have access to a choice of Gym and Home workout programs, hundreds of recorded follow along classes including Zumba, Yoga and Strength based in our on demand collection, the amazing Peach Club Community and more!


Core & Pelvic Floor

The first block of your Postpartum journey will be focused on your core and pelvic floor. The key building blocks for finding your way back into exercise post birth.


Build The Foundations

You've had clearance from your GP and/or pelvic health physio, amazing! Now we progress with our core exercises and introduce bodyweight, basic dumbbell work, balance and stability work.


Thrive & Grow

At this point we've reached a good baseline and it's time to map out the next block of your journey. Increasing complexity and difficulty, paving the way for you to grow and thrive as a mother!

Structured workout and breathwork programs to support you post partum

You'll get access to the Peach Club Postpartum workouts right away. Designed specifically by a certified Postpartum specialist coach (me!) to help you on your journey into Motherhood. We will focus on different stages as you progress from breathwork and rehabilitative core work to progressively building strength and managing any possible symptoms.

A library of follow along postpartum workout classes you can do anytime!

Whether you are working out in the gym or at home, your program will have detailed video overviews for each exercise and recommended alternative exercises so there is always something you can do. You'll log your workouts so you are always on track and working towards your goals! You won't find generic videos here, I have created detailed exercise videos throughout my pregnancy to properly detail and show you how to train safely and effectively.

An amazing community of supportive women and access to a coach to answer your questions

Your journey into motherhood is about more than just exercise and how you move. You are entering a totally new phase of your life and the Peach Club community will be there to help you! Not only that, you'll have direct access to a qualified coach who can help to answer any questions you might have about your program.

Peach Club Postpartum is for you if

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