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Getting Fit For 50

Getting Fit For 50!

(Or as long term client and Peach Club member Su likes to call it “Fitty 50”!)

Su has been a client of mine since I started in the Fitness industry and to quite honest with you she has been one of the most inspiring women I have ever had the honour and pleasure to work with. Her lust for life, laughter and energy is infectious, however that being said she has learnt that to keep this kind of energy up she has to look after her health. I’ll let her tell you all about it now…take the floor Su.

What a journey I have been on.

When I turned 40, I was at my heaviest 189lbs, a good size 16 and whilst always been in good health, suffered a couple of very bad colds and vertigo. I made a decision to get fit and loose weight and little did I realise, that this young girl would enter my life and help change my attitude to my health and fitness. It wasn’t overnight as I wasn’t fully committed to changing my  ” I want to still party” attitude. However, Angi, got me into loving weight training so this was a start and we kept in contact.

I reconnected with Angi back when she launched Peach Club and have never looked back. I was ready to fully commit.

Never did I expect to be:

  • Climbing Snowdon 
  • Walking more than I drive
  • Enjoying running 
  • Completing the Worcester 10k
  • Handstands
  • Building a mini gym at home, as I was missing my weight training so much.

I’ve done all the yo-yo diets and can honestly say that since joining Peach Club and with Angi’s support, I have a totally different attitude to my health, eating and training. Angi has been on this journey with me and has seen the changes I have made,  both mentally and physically.

So, here I am, just having celebrated my 50th birthday, taking on new challenges and in very good health to be able to maintain my fitness and generally feeling fab @ 50.

I haven’t even mentioned weight because, whilst this was a big part of my journey, it has become secondary to my eating and fitness and is a by-product of the changes I have made. I do now buy size 12 clothes without thinking and this last month 50% of my clothes have been 10s.

So, thank you my gorgeous “queen peach”, who I can honestly call my life coach and friend. You’ve been with me through the good and bad parts of my journey, giving me praise and encouragement (we call this, get your big girl pants on) and new challenges along the way.

So here’s to my next 3 challenges:

  • Holding a 5 second handstand
  • Paddle boarding
  • Walking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks

So there we have it, fitter, healthier and up for even more at 50!!!

I hope Su’s journey inspires many more women to look after their health too..

Angi xx

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