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3 Pregnancy & Post Partum Tips

Hi, I’m Angi!

I am a Pre & Post Natal Qualified Online Coach, I’ve worked in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years and specialise in working solely with women. Having recently become a Mother myself (2022) I have a new found understanding and passion for helping women to stay active during their pregnancy and want to help women return to exercise in a steady and manageable way after having their baby.

I have created this blog post to cover some of the advice I prescribe to my Pre & Post Natal clients, so I hope at least one of the tips help you, and, if you did need any further help please feel free to reach out. There’s a link to drop me an email HERE and at the bottom of this page, or if you would quite like to get started with your exercise journey click HERE for the Pregnancy Program and click HERE for the Postpartum Program.

1. Exercise Is Safe!

People tell you to be careful when you’re pregnant, I got that same comment too, but they never seem to be around once you have a baby! In reality, holding your growing child, pushing a pram and pulling a car seat are the aspects of Motherhood that no one prepares you for; becoming ‘Mum Strong’ has never been so accurate.

Exercise during pregnancy has so many incredible benefits, it supports your health, strength, fitness, reduces your level of risk, encourages better pelvic floor function, prepares you physically for birth, and will help to improve your postpartum recovery. Obviously, there are a few things you’ll need to adapt to during pregnancy (my pregnancy program covers all of these), and there are a lot of physical and hormonal changes going on, but don’t let your Granny or coworker make you doubt yourself, because exercise during pregnancy has many incredible benefits for you and your baby.

Click these links To Listen To My First, Second and Third Trimester Podcast Episodes where I talk openly and honestly about exercising during my pregnancy.


I could talk about this topic all day long. When exercising, we should learn to control our breathing, or rather let our breath control us. How you control and manage your breath is also the key to carrying on exercising during your pregnancy and returning to exercise after birth. During pregnancy we want to be able to check in with our breathing to ensure we aren’t over-doing it, when we hold our breath or can’t catch our breath that’s when we need to back off a little and slow things down, or lift a bit less. Throughout post-partum we need to learn how to co-ordinate our breath with our pelvic floor, then retrain the pelvic floor using our breathing. Many women unfortunately never get taught this stuff so when they return to exercise after having a baby they don’t know how to manage their pelvic floor or breathwork. They try to return to what they were doing before the baby and that’s when pelvic floor symptoms can being to flare up. It’s vital that you work with a Pelvic Health Physio Post-Partum so that you can have external and internal support as of course, depending on the type of birth you had your pelvic floor and core can be effected in different ways. I can help to point you into the right direction to see a Physio during your Pregnancy and after having your baby.

Click the link to listen to the Podcast Episode: Looking After Your Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy

Link to Breathwork Video: Postpartum Breathing With a Baloon


A lot of women that I have coached often worry that they’ve left it too late during their Pregnancy to exercise. Similarly other women worry that they want to return to some kind of activity early postpartum but don’t have a clue where to start, so they do nothing at all. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter if you are 32 weeks pregnant, finding ways to move your body with exercise will benefit your mind and body. I am also here to tell you that if you are someone who really loves to exercise (or not!) you can absolutely start putting the groundwork in place to help you return to exercise just a few days/week after having your baby. With the right guidance and support these options are possible, I have designed my Pre & Post Natal program to meet you where you’re at on your Motherhood journey. The workouts aren’t going to leave you exhausted, in fact they are more likely to help you feel energised. The pregnancy program also includes a weekly Yoga flow that matches the trimester you are in, as I truly believe strength training and yoga can work hand in hand and help you to find strength and length in your pelvic floor.

See the videos below if you want to explore some movement!

I hope you found some of this content useful and please do ask any questions if you have any,

Angi x

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