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My First Blog!

So here it is, my first ever blog!


As I sit here with a blank page I am questioning what on earth to write? Have you come here to find out more about me, what I do, my story? A lot of this is covered on my website so perhaps I won’t start with that, so let’s start with what you can expect from further blogs.

My blog posts are a way for me to express my creative writing, for me to help those a little more who are struggling with their bodies, health, nutrition, wellness and exercise and would like to ‘read more’ from my perspective. I’ll pick topics to discuss to enable you to better your health, or just learn something new! I also love food (if you didn’t know that already!) so I will most probably end up telling you all about the amazing food or meals I have been eating, because everyone loves a bit of #foodporn right?

I have questioned for a while now whether blogging is really worth it? The impact that social media has had on our ability to access free and easy information in small snap shots has increased dramatically, if you follow me on instagram already you will see that. I try to take snapshots of my life, thoughts, knowledge in bitesize form, the average time spent just scrolling on social media and not really digesting anything is increasing and I know that because I do it myself! However I do think there comes a time and a place when taking some time out and exploring how to be the best version of you is necessary. With that being said I can relate to how difficult you might find it to make yourself a priority, taking charge of yourself really is key to your health and wellness, but often the daunting thought of “where do I even start?” puts us off starting anything, sometimes for a lifetime.

I guess this is the battle I had with myself starting this blog. Something completely new, something that I wasn’t quite comfortable with because I’ve tried to blog before and it failed because I just wasn’t in the right ‘place’ mentally. Often that’s what happens, we are just never ‘ready’ or in the ‘right place’ to start something new, but how long do we wait for that ‘readiness’ like feeling? What if we leave it too late? What if we begin to believe that we are never going to be ready to take ourselves seriously? I often find myself questioning my capabilities, and I believe that most of the time we expect the worst because we don’t have the self belief to trust our ability to cope. A lot of the time this is due to the fact that we have failed before, but just because you have failed once, doesn’t necessarily mean you will fail again, I mean look at athletes for example, they won’t always win the race but it doesn’t stop them trying.

I think that the willingness for physical and mental change comes mostly from a source of pain. We often have to feel or experience pain to give us the kick up the backside to change do we not? Your jeans become extremely tight and you can no longer do them up, therefore you beat yourself up for it mentally (pain) and it is at that point you take action. So maybe it’s not until you feel severely uncomfortable that you have the confidence to change your ways. But why do we have to suffer in order for us to take action? Isn’t that sort of a form of self abuse?

So my question to you, as I wrap up my first blog up is…

“Are you waiting for the perfect time to start something? Is that ‘time’ a place that is only going to come from a place of pain? Are you waiting for the worst to happen before you feel brave enough to change/take action?”

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’ then ask yourself this…

“What is the worst that could happen if I…? Does that outweigh the objective?”

If the ‘worst’ feels a little too much to handle well you have a choice.

“If I don’t like it, I have the choice to stop don’t I?”

Perhaps it’s not actually that you are afraid to start something, it might be that actually you are afraid of your own self worth.

Trust me when I say this you ARE worthy…

All my love

Angi ? #getpeachy

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